Elevated Concrete Slab

Check out these pictures of a patio that is on a slope. This is a kind of patio that needs to be watched if you are the homeowner, because if the forms are not properly "kicked" with stakes set at a 45 degree angle to prevent bowing of the forms from the wetght of the concrete, bowing may occur resulting in a less than perfect slab. If the edge is not straight, when the aluminum installer attaches his bottom rail to concrete it will be straight, and will show the imperfections in the concrete. This installation also requires dirt to be transported into your backyard along with the concrete. Don't let other companies tell you that they will use a concrete pump- you can't pump dirt! In this case, approx. 4 yds. of dirt was installed. Unlike the "other" guys, we transport the dirt in our motorized buggies, in less than an hour, instead of an all day event with wheelbarrows. This allows us to concentrate on the important aspects of your concrete installation- the pitch of the slab, its exact dimensions etc. Our methods insure that your patio is installed in a timely manner, without damage to your yard!

Elevated Concrete Slab- Prep_edited.JPG
Elevated Concrete Slab- Perfect!_edited.jpg
Concrete Slab on Slope_edited.JPG